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Bronx, New York-born Phenom (Jason Pagan) is truly living the American dream. Endowed with an innate talent and yet an even greater gift for pouring out the hard work necessary, the artist is building his own Hip-Hop empire, crafting and creating his own music while helping to promote and produce that of other up and coming artists along the way. He’s sticking to his guns, being true to himself and what he believes, and his unwavering commitment to excellence, substance, and honesty permeates everything the artist touches.


Recording Artist

Oz grew up on 161st and Park Ave. in the Bronx, birthplace not only to him but the genre known as Hip Hop/Rap. He fondly refers to his neighborhood as “the poor side of Park” as a reference to the Park Ave. in Manhattan, where a lot of wealth is concentrated, contrasted to his upbringing that diluted with propaganda that drove people to try to live lives that could never be obtained. Oz was first exposed in music and developed an interest while still in junior high school. He stumbled upon a composition notebook that was filled with rhymes, thoughts, and ideas. As Oz read the book, he began to envision how his own career would take off.


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