CEO/Recording Artist

The Bronx, New York-born Phenom (Jason Pagan) is truly living the American dream. Endowed with an innate talent and yet an even greater gift for pouring out the hard work necessary, the artist is building his own Hip-Hop empire, crafting and creating his own music while helping to promote and produce that of other up and coming artists along the way. He’s sticking to his guns, being true to himself and what he believes, and his unwavering commitment to excellence, substance, and honesty permeates everything the artist touches.

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Music in Motion


Phenom - She's A Keeper (feat. KGNice)

Official Music Video

Phenom - Mine (Whine Your Waist) [feat. Kristiana Brooks]

Official Music Video

Phenom - Masterpiece (feat. Seda)

Official Music Video